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Safe Harbor Privacy Policy


This document serves to self-certify SpectraScience Inc. to the Department of Commerce and other interested parties, adherence to the Principles in accordance with the Privacy guidance.  Specifically:


1.     The organization, at the address above, may be reached via email at: info@spectrascience.com.  The phone number is 858-847-0200 and the fax is 858-847-0880.

2.     Personal information collected in the EU and Switzerland is in conjunction with clinical development of the company products.   Such personal/medical information is standard and customary for such clinical trials and will only be used in furtherance of the company’s medical product research.   The information will only be shared with government bodies as required by law to secure marketing approval and consultants to the company to help analyze the data.  Such consultants will always have signed a confidentiality agreement.

3.     Description of the policy:

              a.     This policy is posted both at the company and on the company’s web site

              b.     The effective date of implementation is February 4, 2014

c.     The contact office for the handling of complaints or any issues under this policy is at the address and phone/email shown above

              d.     The statutory body governing this policy is the U.S. Federal Trade Commission

e.     This privacy policy is self-verified. It is prominently displayed, completely implemented and accessible.  Our privacy policy conforms to the U.S. - E.U. and U.S - Swiss Safe Harbor Framework and all Safe Harbor Principles: individuals have signed a training document confirming they understand our procedures for handling complaints and of the independent mechanisms through which complaints are pursued. Employees, as part of their training, understand that failure to follow this policy will result in discipline and that the company has in place internal procedures for periodically conducting objective reviews of compliance with the above.  (An internal audit program.)

f.      Should there be a complaint that is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction by the company recourse is through the panel of EU data protection authorities and/or the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.  In all cases, the company commits to cooperation with any EU and Swiss authority in all matters related to this policy and the Safe Harbor requirements, which may be found at http://www.export.gov/safeharbor/.

4.     This policy will be reviewed and updated as required but no less than once per year.



                        Michael P. Oliver, President & CEO

                        February 10, 2014

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