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The WavSTAT Optical Biopsy System is a foundational platform that, using various light-based technologies, has the potential to improve the diagnosis of many different types of cancer. While today we incorporate Laser Introduced Fluorescence for diagnosis, tomorrow we expect to utilize additional Scattering Spectroscopy techniques for which we have patents and patent rights.

SpectraScience will continue “Lighting the Way for Earlier Cancer Diagnosis” in the coming decades with a component matrix of future applications and technologies. Our planned future target indications include bladder, lung, breast, lymph, skin and brain cancers.

We also continue discussions with multiple potential partners to explore opportunities in oncology, mammography, and dermatology. We expect to offer a choice of the best optical technology or a combination for optimal clinical results. Such a combination bodes well for a multi-modal future with an even brighter light of opportunity for physicians, patients, and investors.

Tomorrow we will combine our current product technology (LIF) with scattering spectroscopy techniques to improve existing products and broaden our product line to detect and diagnose multiple cancers.

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