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SpectraScience Announces New Product Introduction

San Diego, CA December 15, 2015– SpectraScience, Inc. (OTCQB: SCIE), a medical device company utilizing light technologies to detect and diagnose cancers, announced today that it had decided to begin commercial development of the new  “rack-mounted” WavSTATR light and processor unit.   This unit is designed to fit in the same rack currently holding the endoscopic light source and processor.  It has the same components and the same capabilities as the mobile WavSTAT4 in a smaller, more compact form.  It will use the same single-patient-use optical biopsy forceps as the current mobile console.

“We showed this variant of our WavSTAT hardware at the recent UEGW conference in Barcelona, Spain.  It was met with overwhelming acceptance by our customers,” said Michael Oliver, President and Chief Executive Officer of SpectraScience, Inc.  “They like having the light source always available, always powered-on and having the WavSTAT output always visible in their main screen.  We believe making the system easier to use and always-available will result in greater usage per procedure room.  In procedure rooms where every square foot of space is important, the new rack-mount console incorporates our device into the hospital’s current endoscopy footprint.  And because we work with endoscopes from all the major manufacturers, we can complement virtually any endoscopy suite.”


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