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SpectraScience Study Published Confirming Accuracy of WavSTAT4

SAN DIEGO, CA --(Marketwired - April 19, 2016) - SpectraScience, Inc. (OTCQBSCIE), a medical device company utilizing light technologies to detect and diagnose cancers, announced today that a paper has been published by Drs. Timo Rath, Gian Tontine, Michael Vieth, Andreas Nagel, Markud Neurath and Pr. Helmut Neumann of the University of Erlangen, regarding performance of the WavSTAT4 Optical Biopsy System®. The system was once again found to exceed the clinical guidelines adopted by EU and US medical societies for the diagnosis of small and diminutive colorectal polyps during screening colonoscopies. 

"This study underscores the clinical accuracy of the WavSTAT4 for diagnosing small polyps when used in colorectal cancer screening. Optical characterization of these polyps in real time is highly desired in order to permit the adoption of medical strategies that would avoid the cost of traditional pathology and prevent unnecessary polypectomies. Unlike image-based technologies that are consistently shown not to work adequately unless in the hands of experts and require complex human interpretations of the data, our system works equally well with clinicians of virtually all experience levels," said Michael Oliver, President and Chief Executive Officer of SpectraScience, Inc. "Our system is fast, easy to use and requires very little training for the clinician since it is an adjunct to the existing colonoscopy procedure. The WavSTAT Optical Biopsy System gives to all clinicians a diagnostic capability equal to that of experts. This peer-reviewed study will be a key reference in our sales efforts moving forward."

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