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Intellectual Property

In today's world of advanced technology, a significant part of any company's assets are intangible, originating from patents, copyrights, and other legally protected intellectual property, according to Bill Roberts, writing for Knowledge Management Magazine. Intellectual property (IP) is considered one of the most significant assets of several of the world’s largest and most powerful companies. In fact, IP is the basis for market leadership and ongoing prosperity of numerous multinational organizations. In addition, IP is often the key objective in mergers and acquisitions.

With its 33 active US patents, some 25 European counterparts, continued applications and continuations SpectraScience owns the largest patent portfolio in the field of optical methods for cancer and cancer precursor discovery. These patents provide significant barriers to entry as we continue to broaden our portfolio. Here is a list:

  • 13 patents related to optical biopsy forceps, scanning arrays and confocal optics
  • 16 patents covering spectral analysis applications, obstructions, image normalization and calibration
  • 4 imaging patents covering temporal alignment and focus
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